Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Late in the day work in progress #37

This post is by Tanya

On Saturday I got some sewing done.  I made a simple gender neutral baby top in yellows and greens that I cut up about two  or three weeks ago.

I have been busy with life and my 1/4 inch foot was MIA.  My problem is I currently share a desk and sewing machine with my Daughter Rebecca.  Two people that are not good at cleaning up is not a good thing.  I had tons of scraps from her projects, and at least 6 different colored bobbins and several spools of thread scattered along desk top.  For some reason my space whether it be  my computer area, my dresser, and my sewing desk seem to say to kids put all stuff you don't know what to do with on any one of the three.

Anyway I cleaned off my sewing desk this weekend, we went through several scrap boxes.  We threw away a ton of stuff that was too small for 2 1/2 in squares or string blocks or even stuff to use in appliques.  As new quilters we saved everything, including batting scraps too small to do anything with.  We use a lot of larger batting scraps in rag quilts.

Here are a couple of pictures of Julia with the bear Rebecca made her.

Richard has been busy cutting up 2 1/2 inch squares.  He has now quilted half of Rebecca's twin quilt.


Teresa Quilts said...

looks great!

Anonymous said...

Julia is growing cuter every day. The quilt is a great one for any baby. Someone I know saves all those too-small pieces and puts them as stuffing in dog-bed pillows she takes to the vet. I'm not that helpful. =)

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