Thursday, February 7, 2013

The marvelous color GREEN!

A while back when I was making my Orange plus quilt (yes its still not bound and finished) My son Jared walked in grabbed the quilt and said it was his and ran out of the room.  He loved the quilt but it just was not in his color.  If you have been around you will know he loves Green. One of the first few quilts I made was a rag quilt named "The Green Quilt of Awesomeness" He was so happy to have it.  But it seems that he is not happy with just that quilt.  He wants a green version of my plus quilt.

My quilt design consists of 33+ unique colors to make all of the pluses unique.  So this caused me to hunt for green.  Tanya and the kids had to help because our stash is a mess.  We opened every single box we had and pulled all things that were green or greenish an put it into a pile.  I then started cutting 2 1/2 inch strips off of each of the items.  Because I want to make a rainbow quilt later this year I got more then my 5 squares of each of them so I could build the green stash.  (while sorting I did find a few more orange and gray too so maybe I can work again on that one).  What I ended up with was a pile of  85 different green blocks (above you can see they are pinned into stacks of 5).

Needless to say I have a few too many.  So Jared (yes he is wearing a green shirt as he stuffs his head into my picture) at first grabbed the full stack of greens and screamed MINE!! yes he screams a lot.  We told him he had to sort the pile into ones he liked and ones he did not like.  So he did such we ended up with about 75 he liked and 10 he did not like.  So  I took those away and tried again.  This time I let him pick his favorite 10 out at a time.  Then mixed up the left over and had him pick 10 again.  We did this tell we had 35 in one pile.

Rebecca my oldest girl did not find it right that we rejected 40+ blocks.  SO she also grabbed a pile of 35 blocks (it seems I must make 2 quilts?)  Maybe she can make her own.  Above you can see the bag on the bottom is Jareds they are brighter.  And Rebecca's are on the top. And of course the left overs on the left (I guess it was a couple more then 75 to start with.  Any way expect to see some green over the next month or 2 on the blog.


Link a Finish Friday winner for the month of January goes to  LAFF#48 entry 6 which is!!!

Congrats I have already heard back from Fat Quarter Shop that Valerie was sent her gift certificate.  Remember to stop back on Friday and link up for your chance to win.


Gene Black said...

I like Jared's pile best. I love the bright ones.

Joyce Carter said...

Jared has GOOD taste! Green is my favorite color,too, and I like the light-bright colors that he choose.

Anonymous said...

Green is my happy color, too, Jared! You have excellent taste. =)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Green! Just in time for March and St. Patricks Day! Way to go Jared!

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