Saturday, February 2, 2013

This, That, and the Other Thing

 I have not been so good at blogging the last few weeks, with Julia under the weather. I have been working on a few various projects.  You can see to the left of me I did some quilting, then some more quilting on my plus quilt (Its not named yet, but I will this week pick the name, at some point before I finish it, and I have only binding left). You can see the backing material its a tad bright, its the the color on the top right of that image.
 I did work on more string blocks.  Below is my work in progress and on the right are the 12 finished blocks I did this round.  I think I have around 30 of these blocks not that much  since they only measure 6 1/2 square.  The pattern in the picture is sorta how I plan to finish it.  I still need plenty more blocks and I have plenty of strings to still go though.
 Below is my plus quilt its finished quilting.  We are trying to figure out what to bind it with.  I bought this orange fabric to bind it with and after sitting it there I just don't think its right, who knows.

 I pulled out my batik quilt its one of the largest I have made, I pieced it a long time back and finished making a back for it just yesterday.  So now to see if we (Tanya) can figure out how to baste such a large quilt in our small house.
 Rebecca has been making some taggie toys and bought a bunch of ribbon for it.  Julia has helped some and ran the ribbon all around the room.
My first twister top is done. It's baby size and I made a block to piece into the back and both my wife and daughter, said oh a pillow.  Nope no pillow, just a pieced block (the black twister is the block that will go on a angle on the back.

I guess Julia is serving hard time for messing with the ribbon, here she is in Toy Jail.  The big bear behind her in the picture is a project Rebecca is working on for her sewing class.  Its a bear that is as big or bigger then Julia.
I forgot to blog about this a few weeks ago. I found this on the table, I think Tanya is up to something.

It flew away shortly after I took the pictures, but maybe with some luck it will return one day.


Teresa Quilts said...

Richard and Tanya, I love the plus quilt. It looks very modern, but is oh so pretty. I of course love the batik quilt, too. Julia is growing so fast! Can't wait to see what the butterfly will be.

Nikita said... the plus quilt.. and the string blocks, realy like the brightness of it.. jsut completed a top for a string block quilt..I don't think I'll do that again anytime soon..unless it's a project that is worked on here and there. But I have to say the baby takes the cake for cutness in this post.

Elizabeth said...

I super love that orange you picked for the binding on your quilt. Cut it on the bias {tutorial here} and it will be even more spectacular.

Your Twister quilt is awesome (especially love the block for the back) and that Batiks quilt is awesome.

I can't believe how big Julia is! Such a cutie pie!

Lots of fun things going on at your house -- oh, Tanya's butterfly is really fun!

xo -E

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

I think the orange plaid would be a great binding for the quilt and would finish it off perfectly.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I baste quilts on my dining room table. It is large, and I cover it to protect the top. I baste down the middle of the quilt, letting the sides hang off the edges of the table. When the middle section is completed, then I carefully move the quilt over to one edge (folding the extra part from the other side back up, to keep it from dragging on the floor. When that side is done, then do the last side. It goes pretty fast, and I can smooth everything out before I baste that section.

Andrea said...

Love the Plus quilt and LOVE< LOVE< LOVE your Twister quilt! Great colors.

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