Monday, April 15, 2013

A Pile of Quilts

Here is a a picture of the quilts that I basted, most of them over the weekend.  If you aren't a regular, this post is brought to you by Tanya, Richard hates basting quilts (pin or spray).  I did give in and went and bought some more pins.  I don't think Richard will run out of quilts to quilt anytime soon.  In Richard's defense, he did get one quilted and bound.  It is in the wash and pictures will be coming soon.

I also finished two quilt tops this weekend.  The owl will most likely go on Etsy and and the butterfly one is for girls camp auction.

The owl is a star quilt as Richard pointed out.  I was going for alternating blocks from 8 1/2 inch squares forming half square triangles . This was using the same pattern that I did the pieced rag quilt in.  I don't know if I will ever do that large of blocks again in a pieced quilt.  I think 5 or 6 inch squares are easier to work with.

 The Butterfly quilt top is in the pile of stuff to be quilted. I plan on doing another Butterfly one in different colors, it was fun and simple quilt. 

The other boring stuff I did over the weekend involved hand sewing the sleeve on a quilt Richard is displaying at HMQS for part of Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild Display. We watched a movie while setting on the couch and hand stitching.  Richard should be proud, I didn't even fall asleep.  Normally I fall asleep while watching  any movie at home. 

Last night I was trying to get Julia to go get one of her toys.  She said toy and went and grabbed a strip of fabric.  I thought it was cute.   


Teresa Quilts said...

Tanya, I don't see how in the world you two take care of your home, your kids, work, and then have time to make all these quilts. I am impressed! Great job on the butterfly quilt. I love it! What embroidery machine did you get? I want one really bad, but don't have a lot of money to spend.

Tammy said...

Tanya and Richard in the picture of the quilts you got basted. The top quilt looks like fabric for Autism awareness. Is it and do you recall where you got it from. or what or who the name or fabric company that mad eit is? My son is Autistic and I care for him full time here at home. I would love for to make him a quilt with this type fabric. Sorry to be such a big pain. But this is the first fabric like this I have seen. Thank you.

jeifner said...

They look great! When's the guild show?

Anonymous said...

Progress is being made, that's important. =) Love the quilts you've shown, and I look forward to seeing the one Richard finished.

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