Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I have discovered Craftsy!

I have recently discovered Craftsy and started listing some of the Items that I have created there.   For example if you click this link or the picture you will see that I have listed my Orange and Gray quilt pattern for sell there.

My first visit to Craftsy was to view the QuiltCon Lecture Series which is a free class you can take on Craftsy.  I am a member of the Salt Lake Modern Quilt guild and the lecture series is classes that were done during the most recent QuiltCon 2013 sponsored by the Modern Quilt guild.  The reason I am making this post is kind of selfish.  I want to learn better ways to promote my self.  And if possible make a little money to pay for my next stash purchase.

After signing up for the QuiltCon Lecture Series I decided to poke around and see what all it had to offer.  The first thing I noticed is that they had the ability to share patterns.  So I grabbed my Richard's Star and added it as a free pattern.  To my great surprise people downloaded it.  You would think after the fact that people follow my blog I would stop getting surprised that some one might want my patterns.

As you can guess I added the sword and the shield as free patterns.  And blow me away people are downloading them also.  As of last night between the 3 free patterns I have had 99 pattern sales.  With all the success in the free pattern sales I have added the 2 patterns that are quilt patterns for a cost.  The first 2 patterns I put up I listed at 95 cents each my wife laughed at me at such a low cost but I have sold a few already and after Paypal fee's I think I have made $3.06 I think I can afford a new fat quarter or 2 if on sell.

Have any of you been to Craftsy?  Have you listed your patterns or shared your projects there?  Are you having any success?  If you have never been their follow one of my links and go like my patterns or follow me on Craftsy.  If you have been to Craftsy or are a regular their let me know what you feel about it are you successful at sharing your your projects there?

Online Quilting Classes


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

That's great Richard....I do want to do your pattern. Just way too busy right now to think about another. But it is a very nice pattern

Mike Pearson said...

I love Craftsy!!! The orange is fabulous too :) I hope you get this comment. I am having trouble commenting on blogs. It works with IE but no longer with Chrome (my default browser). The comment box just refreshes when I hit enter and becomes empty and nothing happens :(

Carol Swift said...

I love shopping on Craftsy! It's a great place for you to get your items out there. Good luck with sales!

Lorna McMahon said...

I'm a Craftsy quilt pattern seller, too, Richard. Craftsy is a great site!!!! Congrats to you and may you make many sales!

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