Saturday, April 13, 2013

Owls and Butterflies

I finished the green owl quilt top last weekend and Tanya was kind enough to baste it for me.   It is sitting in a pile, that is growing every day, of quilts that need to be quilted.  Tanya pointed out to me this morning that she is out of pins and I must start quilting some of these.  The current pile has in it the above Green Owl Quilt, it has the Brown Owl Quilt, A baby Pieces of hope quilt.  Tanya has 2 other baby quilts one is one of the Jelly Roll quilts (the back to the second one we ordered did not match as well as we hoped and its now back in the needs back pile).  She also has the baby quilt that was made from the left over pieces of Rebecca's Quilt half basted and waiting for pins!

Now personally I think we need to buy more pins and not rush me, but Tanya says I am slacking and need to get those quilts done.

Tanya has been playing with her most recent quilt.  You can tell she has a style different from me, which is great as who wants to be like some one else.  She made 9 of these butterfly's using her embroidery machine this is the first "Big" project using it so far.  These 9 will be put as blocks in a quilt she is making.  Last I saw there were 4 rows of this quilt sewn together, but I will not share it and wait for her to show it off when done. 

It does amaze me how fast and neat that the machine cranked these out.  And to think only 1 butterfly was damaged in the making of this quilt.  You ask how can you hurt a butterfly?  The thread got stuck on the bobbin and with the machine going full blast, before we could get to it and stop, a needle broke and the butterfly died.  It was a sad loss it sat on my desk for a few days, before I had the heart to put it down.


Gene Black said...

I had a piece hang like that in the bobbin and my bobbin case was damaged. So if it acts strange, check for nicks or rough places on the bobbin case. Mine didn't show up for about a month, then it wouldn't sew right at all. I had to replace the bobbin case.

Teresa Quilts said...

Oh I am so jealous! Well, I am proud for you guys. When did you get an embroidery machine and what kind is it? I want one so bad, but can't afford it, yet.:( Beautiful butterflies, and I love this little quilt.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Tanya says half the stuff you credit her with. I have this persistent feeling that you are your own nag, with maybe a *little* help from Tanya. =) I'm telling you, I see a longarm in your future! (They aren't all over $12,000! - I loved the Homesteader I tried out, and it's less than $7000. Then there are things like Bailey & SuzyQ for around $3500. Or less than $1600 for the frame and use your own sewing machine.) The butterfly is beautiful.

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