Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fun with family at HMQS

Jared and Tanya though that I needed to take a picture with my quilts hanging at HMQS

Jared thought that it was funny that he had to touch the quits even "Our Quilt" with gloves.  I think I took about a dozen pictures of him with Pillar of Fire, he just kept making me take more pictures

It is interesting walking around looking at quilts with Tanya and realizing how much different our tastes are for quilts.  The ones she stopped and took time to look at were not the ones I did.

We also brought Rebecca with us she is a typical teenage girl mad that dad is pointing that camera at her.  If looks could kill, I think I would be dead.

She was happy thought to show off her bling when she was done.  Both Tanya and Rebecca did some of the make and take classes.

Julia after a few hours just had to get out of that chair and she just wanted to run and run.

And run and run.

Oh ya as I said, Jared kept dragging me back to get more pictures with my quilt.  Jared and I have plans to make him one of these out of green.  We have already cut and sorted all of the green. I got the gray for the background for my B-Day as a present from Jared.  It is kind of ironic that it was from him to me, so that I could make a quilt for him.

Oh ya, here is Tanya working on her make and take.  The first one she did was a pouch made on the embroidery machine.  The second was a patch key chain also made on the embroidery machine.

Of course since he was not in the last picture, we had to take another picture of Jared.

And then of course another with mom

Look another quilt Tanya likes and I just walked past.

WHAT!!!!!!!!!! Some one ate the corner of this quilt!  (Jared was displeased with this quilt.)

Well before I get eaten too, I will end this post here.  (No children and only a few quilts were damaged in the making of this post!)


Barb Neiwert said...

I looked at all the quilts, and tried to find yours, but there were so darn many of them, that I began not even reading the name cards! I do remember your Pillar of Fire quilt. Sorry we didn't run into one another - what a fun show!

Elizabeth said...

I like the corner missing from that Steam Punk Quilt. Fun idea.

Loved seeing Jared and the quilts and your family and Jared.

xo -E

quiltmania said...

Your family is adorable! Nice quilt pics too.

Lorna McMahon said...

Incredible post... and great pics. It made me laugh to see your littlest running... Your middle in the middle - and at the end - and everywhere in between. And your eldest being a teen. I have that here too! Glad to see your whole family enjoyed time spent together.

Mary Marcotte said...

Darling boys are much closer in age, so when one was doing something, the other two were right in the middle of the same mess. I can't imagine keeping up with three different ages at once! I'd mix up the kids: hand a nupie to the teen and a cell to baby and completely loose the middle one. No, couldn't do it. Love the post, though!

carla said...

Hi!!! Looks like youall had a wonderful family day!!! Great pics!!! I hope to get to go someday!!!

Christine M said...

Great post Richard. Your Pillar of Fire will look great in green. But what will you call that one?

Jodi - usairdoll said...

Love both of your quilts! How wonderful that the whole family went and spent the day together. You made me smile remembering those "teenage" years, hehe. Julia is so big now! I remember when we were all guessing when she would be born, hehe. Thanks for sharing!


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