Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rewards of giveaway day!

The last week or so we received packages in the mail from the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway.  I haven't decided if I like sending gifts more or receiving.

The first picture are items won from Ellie at  There is a really cute pillow that would work as part of a graduation gift for James next week.  I can't really be old enough to have a kid graduating from high school, can I.

The second picture is a mini quilt/table topper pattern and fabric and buttons to make it and a bobbin holder tower from Teresa at  It looks like a fun project to make.

The third picture is Christmas fabric, buttons and snowman transfer from Anita at . Fitting prize for someone who lives on street named after a Christmas Flower, IE Poinsettia. Now to start thinking of project to use the fun Christmas fabric.

It is Memorial weekend and a time to reflect on those we have lost.  In our family, less than a year ago my Father Lynn Jay Healey passed away.  I know that this can be a sad time of remembrance, but for me it is not.  My dad had a great love of Boy Scouts and to celebrate, I took my 11 year old scout patrol out and cooked breakfast at the park in the dutch oven.  I learned from my father how to love life and have fun and to work hard and be honest.  He is loved and not forgotten.  

Also a high note, when I got up this morning and checked my Craftsy Patterns it turns out that my Pattern took a short trip on the trending board at Craftsy, the 2 times I checked I was at 17 and then 16 in the top 20.  I took a picture of it (below) sadly my quilt is no longer on the top 20 board, but I enjoyed it while it was (gives you a warm feeling to have your name up in lights).  If you use Craftsy please stop by my patterns and if you so desire follow me on Craftsy.  I have don't know what gets you on this list, but that would have to help some I would think.

Oh wow, Its back on the list again and now at #4  Oh wait its number 3 (Not going to take another screen shot) So help me out and go visit, follow me and comment on my projects and patterns and if you desire buy a pattern.


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