Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Pattern and 2 Quilt Tops

Recently I started putting our patterns in our Pattern Store on Craftsy.  I have 7 patterns so far listed and I am creating another pattern that will be listed in the next week or so.  As part of making the pattern I wanted to get some better pictures for it so Tanya bought me some fabric and I made these 2 tops using my pattern.

For a lack of a better name Tanya called it baby blocks.  We have in the past already made 3 other quilts with roughly the same pattern.  Along with these 2 tops I have cut out the centers of 3 more quilts.   I will show them off in a week or 2.

Tanya has made some lofty goals for getting more baby quilts on our Etsy store and so both of these 2 will end up there when done.  While I was making quilt tops, Rebecca was making some "Test Cookies" for a talent show off next Friday in her seminary class at school.

One thing that is nice about test cookies is you must test them by eating them.  Rebecca started to protest after Jared had eaten his 7th test cookie.  You have to admit, he is a great tester.

This butterfly was the one I tested and it tasted great.


Tiffany said...

How fun, test cookies! Pass some my way ;)

The tops are nice, I like the fabric choice.

carla said...

Hi!!! Very pretty quilt tops and great pattern!!!! Love the cookies!!!!

Vicki said...

I hate to say it, but I'd rather have the 'test cookie' at this moment!! The quilt tops are beautiful also. Gray is such a great neutral.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty quilt tops... and fabulous cookies. Nice work.

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