Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tanya's Quilt and Lost Pictures

Today's Post is not so exciting.  I have been working again on Tanya's Quilt.  This is one planned for our bed.  The quilt will be a scrappy quilt made out of 2 1/2 inch blocks queen size.  Thanks to a friend Susan from  Tanya got a fresh supply of browns and tans which spurned me to work again on it (and of course caused another shopping trip).

The quilt its self will be a checker board of turquoise and brown.  The "Richard's Star" block that I created the star from it will be in the middle of the quilt with the points being made from the tan blocks above.  Each point is 1/2 of the block above.  Of course there will only be 8 points (4 blocks) so I over did it making 7.  I like to be safe rather then sorry, so I had extra blocks so Tanya could pick her favorite.

The other day my camera ran out of power so I used my son's camera to take a few pictures and I realized that I found a lost photo. The above top was made almost a year ago (and completed quilt was delivered last Christmas to my sister in law Marsha).  But we never put the quilt on the blog as a finish and before I forget it again wanted to make sure that I put its picture up.  This is of course the Ghastly line and we fussy cut out all the pictures and framed them. in wonky blocks.


Created by Kathi said...

Love your blog and how you share your rationales when quilting... like making more blocks than you needed to make the star look "right" to you both :) Love the finish you showed from December... Very unique way to use a cute panel and not look so "panel... like" :) I will be pinning that idea if that is okay with you! Thanks for your inspiration with every post! Kathi

ipatchandquilt said...

Great projects!

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to enjoy seeing how the turquoise and brown turns out!

Kritta22 said...

Oh my! That ghastly quilt is absolutely fabulous!!!

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