Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Projects

This weekend Tanya has me working on our Ghastlie projects.  We have a couple quilts and a few wall hangings or table runners that are half made.  Some are quilted, needing binding and some need quilting.  This picture was taken just before I went to bed Thursday night and may be finished by the time you read this.

I have caught the Instagram Bug after a year of denying it.  And I would love if you would follow me. If you are on Instagram put a link in a response to this post and I will follow you.  I am still trying to figure out how to succeed with instagram if any one out there knows there stuff feel free to let me know some tips and tricks of it.

Online Quilting Class

As you I am sure know I am a huge fan of Craftsy I have started listing my quilt there in addition to my quilt blog.  I am also a Craftsy affiliate and as such I get a little bit for each new referal to craftsy.  If you have not joined Craftsy I would encourage you to try it.  There are some great projects listed there.  Many free patterns and other that are for sell .  My pattern store there now has 11 patterns of which 4 are free.  One of the new and exciting things they have added recently is a phone app (Apple only, sadly I am a Android user myself) so that you can view and use the patterns you have right on your phone.  If you have not checked that out do so. The button above says there are many free classes.

This last week I have been trying to clean up and get things off of my sewing desk.  These 12 granny squares are some that have been sewn as strips sitting on my desk for weeks.  I have finally finished sewing, ironing, and cutting them into blocks.  Tanya now has enough squares to do 2 more tops (which are now in the to-do pile) and another dozen or so that are missing some colors to make a great quilt combo.

Lastly, I want to let you know that either later this week or next week I will be having another giveaway so keep your eyes out for more details coming soon on that.


laura west kong said...

I love Instagram! There's a great community of quilters there. I'd sy just jump right in and have fun. You can post pics of projects you're working on and other things you love,
ask for quilting advice, and get to know other areas of your fellow quilters' lives. such as I am currently in the middle of a green smoothie obsession, so be prepared to see a lot of smoothie pics ;) you can find me at or just search @laurawestkong on IG

Mike Pearson said...

Hash tags! People find you that way! definitely #quilting !!!! I like you IG pics so far!

Anonymous said...

Lots of quilty goodness going on at your house this last week! Sorry, I don't do Instagram, either! I have only a half-smart phone, and I'm quite happy with that level of technology. My life is to short for social media, especially if I want to have any time for quilting!

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