Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Color Blast Quilt - Blue and Yellow

Queen Size Color Blast Quilt created by Margaret Hayes

Today I would like to share the above Color Blast Quilt made from my Pattern for sell on Craftsy I first created this pattern and the first quilt from it below (Ugly as my wife told me then) while Tanya was pregnant with Julia and too tired to complain about my orange quilt.  Tanya is not so much a fan of my Orange but she has completed one and mad a top for another out of the Color Burst (as she calls it) pattern which she loves.

The Blue and Yellow quilt above is a queen size version of the color blast quilt and wow can I say Amazing.  It is the biggest to date that I know of made out of my pattern.  It was made by Margaret Hayes who bought the pattern on Craftsy back in May.


Anonymous said...

Margaret's quilt is beautiful! I still like your orange one, and I don't like the color orange. =)

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