Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rag Quilt from Stash #9

Some of you might have thought when Tanya forgot to post a quilt last week that we were running out.  She had ran out of pre-made quilts so over the last weekend she made 3 more.  This of course did not run the boxes of parts we have out.  My guess is we will get to at least 20 before running out.

Tanya did experiment a little with pictures this week.  We have been struggling with pictures and these pictures she took in our sewing room with a minky as a backdrop with the table she uses to baste on as a stand.

She took them in many different poses.  What interests me is your thoughts on the pictures.  On this page which do you like and which do you not like and why?

I like the one above.  I believe Tanya stuffed Julia's little chair under it to hold it up.  Any way lets hear what your thoughts are on which is the best picture.


Created by Kathi said...

I too struggle with good pics of great quilts... the pics that make them wanna make it theirs and be happy when they open the box :) I like the same one you do for that quilt... but who's to say with a larger quilt?? You both do beautiful work... keep inspiring me :) Kathi

LethargicLass said...

I like the one you like too... how about taking a picture of them in Julia's crib?

Elizabeth said...

I like that first photo. For me, getting the most quilt and the least background possible into the photos is what makes a good photo. And lighting. Indirect natural light makes a difference. I enjoyed looking at all the photos. Congrats on another great finish -- gotta love using from the stash -- and thanks for linking up!

xo -E

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