Sunday, February 16, 2014

Christmas Quilt for James

It is funny how some things just get lost in the wash.  This is the front above and back below (not sewn together) this quilt was finished in late December and quickly washed and put onto my son Jame's bed.  He then got it dirty (only a 18 year old son would spill food on his own quilt and let it mingle there) so the first time I went to take pictures of it, well it was just not presentable.  We washed it again.

This second time washing I did manage to get a picture taken of it (though not by me) this time it was by a guild member at our guild meeting in and I had to grab this picture off Instagram. At least we have a beginning of a picture of this quilt.  As of the beginning of the story of this quilt (Feb 8) I have yet to sit down and get good pictures of this quilt and I will sadly need to wash it again (Teens are hard on quilts you see) My son tells me though that he loves it and sleeps with it (and apparently eats with it) every night.

Yea it seems that I finally managed to get a picture of the quilt.  It is funny how this blog post has taken almost 3 weeks to write.  James's quilt is a pattern out of a book called Quilting Modern.  It is a pattern named Winter Windows Quilt.  It uses a quilting technique called Modern  Crazy-Piecing.

The pattern has only one swath of the piecing across the middle.  I did it on both sides because I wanted to quilt around the blocks so that they would show the quilting on both sides.  I think it turned out fantastic and so happy that we now have pictures of it.


Teresa Quilts said...
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Teresa Quilts said...

You did an awesome job on James' quilt.

Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Aww, he loves it, is using it, even wraps up in it when he is eating :) What a great 'boy' quilt!! I have made several but struggle with young men this age!

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