Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Reunion Crazy Hot Pads #3

I bet you were hoping not to see any more Reunion hot pads.  Sadly to say it is a slow news day today and so your stuck with these.  If there is any consolation they should be the last for a long time (reunion hot pads, Other hot pads I can promise we will have more of).

Though things are slow today I have been busy I am not sure how much a fan you are of it but I do post pictures as I am working on my Instagram feed.

I am not sure if the widget worked but if so you will be able to see my Instagram feed.  You can see from it each day what I am working on.  I put work in progress shots often on the feed.  If you want up to the minute access to what I am making follow my feed.  You can also see the last few Instagrams on my right side bar. (Yea my feed worked.  The most recent quilt top finish is my Simple Squares Quilt top called Hearts and Bugs)


Lisa said...

Hey folks send my your Instagram name so I can follow

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