Thursday, March 6, 2014

Twister Table Runner

Today I want to show off our newest table runner.  It is funny how different they look from one picture too the next.  I have been messing more in photoshop trying to make colors look correct as some of them blend out more then others.

This twister quilt is made out of fabrics from the Carolyn Friedlander called Architextures  I love this fabric line.  I have made a few items out of it and absolutely love them.  I have been looking at her new line Botanics and will buy it when I can convince Tanya into it. 

I do have a question for you today.  Have you ever made a twister quilt and if so which type of twister ruler do you use.  The ruler I have is just the shape of the blade and I like it a lot but I know others use the twister ruler and like it.  Which is your preferred method of Twisting.


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