Saturday, May 5, 2012

Granny Squared and a Winner, A block, A sell, and 2 Classes

Wow what a name for a post.  Its destined to be long so we will start with the best and then end with random pictures.

My 2nd Granny Square quilt is named "Granny Squared"  Hum not the best name but my wife hated every one I picked and I know who the boss is (and she would just edit it out if I put one of mine any way) so I might as well call it what she liked.  I was going to quilt this diagonally and I did like 7 rows before getting frustrated and my wonderful wife Tanya picked them out (maybe that's why I will let her name it).   After not being able to figure out how to run a straight diagonal (mostly because my table was full of junk, so most my quilt was hanging off making it go off weird angled).  So I have some straight lines going up and down and right and left.  Not quite as cool as the spiral I did for the other one, but my wife was not up to helping and this one has waited too long (need the quilt to go with me to visit grandma soon to show her the baby).

I will put up more pictures of this quilt later down in the post, but first I promised to pick a winner for the giveaway for Angel Baby Boutique Giveaway  Jared and Mom did the picking while I was working on packing a box up will talk more about that in a sec.

My son Jared insisted on the action shot of him stirring the names in the bowl.  LOL any way Joyce Carter, and Bea Quilter won I will email them after posting this post.  Gratz to the winners, thank you every one for visiting my sister in laws shop.

I received yesterday my 2nd block in my 12 1/2 inch block swaps I participate in. I asked for star block I received this wonderful star.  Now to figure out how she made it as I love it and would like to make another one.

Now to what I was working on when my wife was figuring out prizes.  I opened a Etsy store last week or so and I have listed so far 7 items 6 rag quilt's (baby size) and 1 pair of hot pads.  I was excited when at work, I noticed in my email that I had sold my first item.

Yep I had my first sale I am so excited and I think my wife even more.  She picked the colors on this one and sewed most of the blocks up.  So I guess while my wife got a sell?  While I am still excited all the same.  I am selling my small baby quilts (about 33 x 33 inches) for 40$ plus shipping cost.

Lastly for my daily excitement, I registered for 2 classes at HMQS the first one I have Class #226
A Soldier's Star Taught by Deonn Stott will start on Thursday morning at 8am and the 2nd class I am taking  Class #314 Free Motion Quilting on the Domestic Machine Taught by: Paula Reid.

I am still nervous to go (I know I should not be but am any way). Some people don't take me serious, because I am a Guy that Quilts (you should see the looks I get from some of my co-workers)  When I go to quilt stores or buy material and my wife is there they look at her and ask what she is making.  She always giggles and points at me and says he is the quilter ask him.  It always ends with a gasp really you quilt?

Any way off I go to the Quilt Show.  I am excited to go look at all the quilts and materials up for sell.  I am a visual person I have to see it.  I like following blogs that have more pictures then text (though I do read most the text) when behind I just skip the pictures looking for that next thing to wow me.  I hope to be wowed at the show.

Enough of me blabbing, More pictures of my pretty quilt Have a great weekend.

May Finishes

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Elizabeth said...

I love the name Grannys Squared and I love the quilt. You and Tanya make a really great team!

I popped over to your SIL's Etsy and love her pretty hair bows/flowers. I may have to buy one or two.

That is so awesome that you're taking classes at the HMQS show. Karen McTavish is offering a class and doing a trunk show, that I really wanted to go to, but we had to buy a new dishwasher. I thought about spending the dishwasher money on quilt classes, but decided that if I did that then I wouldn't have any time to quilt because I'd be washing all the dishes by hand.

Anyway, I've entered a quilt in the show (which I'm nervous about b/c I'm up against really awesome quilters) and I'm volunteering as a quilt monitor on Friday afternoon.

I hope you enjoy your classes. I looked all through the brochure when I was trying to decide if I was going to take classes and those looked fun. It is going to be really neat!

xo -E

Teresa in Music City said...

Love your quilt Richard! And also the name Tanya picked :*) You will definitely be wowed at the show! It is fun to take classes and you will learn a lot - enjoy!!! And by the way, I know several men quilters, and believe me, they are GOOD! One has an art background and makes very unique quilts.

Laura said...

Love your Granny Squared quilt!

The quilt block is lovely, too. I knew I saw it somewhere else...could this be it?

Cherie said...

Great quilt! Granny squares never fail to look awesome!
Have fun at the show =D

Beeshebags said...

Laura was close to the mark with the name of the block, but there are differences between the one you received and the one Laura put the link up for....did you ever find out the name of the block? Maybe the person who made it could point us that like it, in the right direction for how to make it....would love to make some of them! You're so lucky. Great work on the granny squared.


Anonymous said...

Look like a great finish on the quilt.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great quilt. Love that exchange block.

Cindy F said...

Love your Granny Squared quilt! The quilt show is awesome and you will be really amazed at the talent there! Lucky you in being able to take a class. I was hoping to this year but because of scheduling was not able to do so. Have fun!

P.S. Don't forget to bring a big wallet for the vendor's mall!!

Anonymous said...

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