Monday, May 7, 2012

Pink & Gray Hearts Quilt

Sometimes I think the sun is helpful for the pictures some times the glare distracts from the quilt this is one of those times.  This quilt is one of Tanya's newest projects.  She got way excited when I started my Etsy store and this quilt (once done posting here) will be my newest quilt of Tanya's Design to hit the store.

This quilt is beautiful to bring out the neat grey in each square she used grey flannel as the batting for this one the squares consist of pink and gray hearts, A little kitten and flower print and pink tie dye.  The full back consists of the pink tie dye.

Other then posting the quilt my plans for today is to start on new 2 1/2 inc square blocks for another round of granny squares and 5 x 5 blocks.  Now that the last of my 2 Granny Square quilts is done I am now in the mood to make more (I know scary thought that bus left the building) but nope it is circling back.  Any way off to spend the night watching TV and chopping and sorting a million little squares.

May Finishes


Vroomans' Quilts said...

The pink and grey is very pleasant - very nice.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

I agree that the sun in the first photo did not allow the loveliness of the quilt to show as the different angle in the second photo did. Good job, Tonya.

Susan said...

That's a very appealing quilt. Good job for Tanya's choices! I look forward to seeing another Granny Square quilt. Each one is so different. =) (Blogger is being stinky about LJ again!)

dezertsuz at gmail

Cherie said...

Those granny squares do get addictive. I'm going to have a go at making bigger ones =D

Elizabeth said...

Tanya, your quilt is beautiful! I love the colors and I hope you make a nice amount on it at your Etsy shop! Another great finish! Thank you for linking up!

xo -E

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