Thursday, July 12, 2012

200th Post oh time is flying

You would think I would have something exciting today to say on my 200th post.  But sadly that its not so.  I have been keeping busy though.

I finished my part on the John Deere quilt.  Tanya, since our first rag quilt, has been doing all of the cutting of them.  She tends to cut though less of the seams which causes less mess of trying to fix that.  This lap quilt is for my wife's youngest sibling.  Cody was 9 years old when we started to date and was a cute kid.  Its amazing how much time has passed since then.   Cody now has 5 boys of his own (only 2 with current wife).  We tease him that he can't produce a girl.  He does love Julia and on every instance that we have see him, he is more giddy then a school girl when it comes to getting to hold Julia.

After finishing the rag quilt (sewing it, its still half done as the cutting I think is harder work then the sewing it). I started on another project given to me from my wife.  When out at the shop hop, I bought these cute lizards.  As a kid I loved to catch them and we have had many as pets (even Tanya I think enjoyed the iguana while we had it).  I also picked out the cute swirls and my wife found the dots.  A few days ago I posted the picture of what this quilt will look like (it was the one with the silly castles on it) Any way I can't wait for my new sewing machine to show up and I can see how easy (or hard) it is to sew up this quilt top on it.  Hopefully later today.

Surprise, surprise, when I went to go make this post my wife whipped out another beginner quilt along block.  I think that I am a couple blocks behind now.  Once the new machine gets here, I will I guess relent to catching up.  Before my wife rubs my nose too much into it that she is faster then me.  Her blocks are looking nice.

One last thing, I think my oldest son James has decided that my invasion of the family room (or as its now referred to, the quilting room) needs to come to a end.  He approached my wife and I, after I got home from work, with a plan to share one room with his brother and let his sister have his old room leaving room for our sewing room in the larger room in our basement.  My daughter Rebecca is a pack rat and tends to collect junk (in the middle of her floor).  She is away at Girl's Camp and her big brother was trying to be nice and find the room.  After 4-5 hours of cleaning his sisters room, he could barely find the floor (I exaggerate, but only a little).  Any way as Julia gets older and will soon need to move from our room in a bassinet (or the bouncer depending on her moods) to her bigger crib.  It has come time to tame the wild room, so that Julia can live in it. It seems like with the prodding of my son, I will get a large sewing room (that I can share with Julia).


Needled Mom said...

Juggling rooms with kids is alwasy a challenge. I didn't get an actual sewing room until a few went away to college. Good luck and congratulations on 200!

Lisa said...

Sounds so nice. Time together doing something you both enjoy! I am happy your children co operate. David did offer to help me clean up my mess. I said what mess and he pointed to the kitchen table. He told me he wants to use it to but all my junk is all over. I just said thats ok I will keep my mess right where it is.

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