Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Utah Ablaze and some Pillow Cases

I took this picture Friday night (Well it was Saturday Morning about 2 AM) this is the mountain's just north and west of Scipo, Utah.  My wife and I drove south over the last weekend to go visit family and have a family reunion and on the way down the smoke was so bad our eyes watered. 

This fire we saw just south of the one above.

This one is what is still blazing of the fire on the top.  All this smoke is getting depressing.  Lucky for me both of these fires are way south of where I live in the Salt Lake Valley.

I did 2 of my blocks (I am behind now the 2 blocks of the other set) and my wife did the block below. We are having struggles with our sewing machine.  It is a serious entry level machine and I think we are killing it with how much we are sewing.  Tanya is sitting right now looking to buy a new machine.  Reading and hunting for just what we need.  The past week we have started to have serious issues with the bobbin and a few other things.   It needs to go to the DR and get fixed and while talking we realised our $200 dollar machine is probably not worth a $100+ dollar repair.  So we are on a serious hunt for its replacement. (Once that is done and here I will pull that silly thing apart myself and see if I can figure out why its broken and fix it as a backup)

My scouts tonight also decided they had to add to the burning here in Utah.  I am a 11 year old scout leader and my 2 scouts and my assistant Doug each built a fire. (Don't you love their fires the 2 boys built bigger fires and the leader built a baby one)

And with a single match (Well it really did take about 20 matches, I am a Eagle Scout and can start fire's with out matches.  My scouts and my assistant on the other hand need a lot of help)

I did sit and struggle tonight and sewed 2 pillow cases.  Though I was about to throw the machine out the window by the time my wife got home from work.  Maybe that is why she is still sitting there reading reviews.

Any way HAPPY 4th of JULY!! I just realized my Tuesday night post is now really a wed morning post. So it looks like my WIP Wed will be a late wed or Thursday post.  Please be safe.

(Oh one more sad though.  Just as I left work today smoke was rolling over the mountains on the south end of the Salt Lake Valley.  It seems that a fire started around 3pm in Alpine They are calling it the Quail Fire.  Sad thing is my boss and another employee I work with live in Alpine, hope they are safe,  If you play with fire works this 4th please be safe)


Captain StitchyPants said...

I recently became dissatisfied with my beginner machine and thought about upgrading. I actually ended up getting a vintage Singer from the 1960s. It's much sturdier than my modern plastic thing (all metal gears, access hatches for maintenance, all metal body). It even has a larger harp space and a larger work area to the left of the needle. And it sews so smoothly! And the best part? It cost the same as my entry-level machine did on sale a few years ago. It's not an option that works for everyone, but it might be worth looking into.

Anonymous said...

Love your sewing pics! Everything is coming along so nicely on those blocks you two are doing. Yes, you need a good machine. No, you need a GREAT machine. You are doing the same amount of sewing someone else might do in a year or two, so that means your machine will need cleaning more often, too! Don't neglect that. There are a lot of good new machines out there, and they all cost a lot of money. They are worth the money, no question of that. However, finding a used older model is a good way to still have a terrific machine for less money. I can personally recommend the Viking 400 and 500 lines (I've had my Viking almost 20 years and with regular servicing, it keeps chugging onward), the Bernina 135 QE (I have one hardly used, but my best friend and others have used theirs for years and years), the previous Bernina line, like 930 model, or if you want to go older, a Singer 301 or 201 are absolute work horses. My Kenmore from about 1975 still runs like clockwork, too, and had a lot of cams for fancy designs that are computerized now, but worked the same way. Older Elnas also worked well and long.

My only real advice is don't get one from Wal-Mart. Go to a regular machine store, which may or may not be a quilt store, and get the service, the lessons, and everything that goes with buying a quality machine.

Elizabeth said...

Cute, cute pillowcases! You did a great job! Thanks for linking up!

Also, sad about the fires. Julie over at Having Fun Quilting is collecting quilts, tops and blocks to donate to those families who've lost their homes. I'm work on a plan for something I can to do help and will post about it later.

xo -E

Cindy said...

I'm sorry you are having issues with your sewing machine. I'm with cq and her advice about going to a machine store and look at machines there. I know there are several in the Salt Lake area that sell older models of machines that people have traded in when upgrading. That's a good way of buying a quality machine if you're looking to save money, and who isn't these days? I love Bernina myself but you will need to test them to see what suits you both.

Sew Surprising said...

Nothing is more frustrating than when your sewing machine decides not to play the game. I often give my machine a bit of a tidy and tickle by removing the bobbin and giving the area a good clean with the vacuum cleaner, I usually change my needle every few weeks, and give the area a good going over with a cotton wool bud, might help you but Im sure you have done thiese things already :)

Brandy from Peculiar, MO said...

I whole-heartedly recommend Pfaff sewing machines with the integrated dual feed. I wished, saved and pined for about ten years before biting the bullet and spending the money. BEST THING I Have EVER Purchased in my Life!!! I have a 2048 that I bought on sale because a new model came out to replace it. The integrated dual feed took my piecing accuracy to a whole new level and makes machine quilting (even really big quilts) a dream! I will be a lifelong Pfaff user - it's that good. :)

carla said...

Hi I am a brand new quilter and have been following with you all for awhile!!! I love your blog!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice fire and pit!
Sorry about the wildfires in your area. Sad and scary stuff for sure.
I love my Janome machine, with it's deep throat area for machine quilting, of which I do a minimal amount!

Anonymous said...

Nice fire and pit!
Sorry about the wildfires in your area. Sad and scary stuff for sure.
I love my Janome machine, with it's deep throat area for machine quilting, of which I do a minimal amount!

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