Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nothing is better than Lizards!

I am all boy at heart and nothing is better then lizard or at least that is what I believe.  On vacation or other locations that we visit as a family, the kids know that there is a standing order to look for and find lizards and since none of them seem to love them as much as me (maybe they love them more who knows). They are paid $1 for every one I get to see and take a picture of.  This one above was found on the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  If you love lizards as much as me you can go to my picture site here and see all of them that my kids have helped me take pictures of (and it cost me a lot of money so check them out).  I think I enjoy taking pictures especially of wild life, as much as I love quilting.  But then here I am going far from the point of my post today.

While out at the Beehive Shop Hop and the Wasatch Shop Hop Tanya and I spent way too much buying every thing we fell in love with.  Needless to say when I saw lizards I fell in love with them.  Above is the completed quilt top the pattern is of my own making and design using EQ7 and Tanya and I plan to make a pattern for this quilt and give it away here on my blog.

This quilt is being made for my wife's step brother Jared  (his baby any way).  They are pregnant with another baby.  I have only met this step brother once (at the wedding of my Father in law and step mother in law) 2 years ago.  When we found out they were pregnant with a boy we knew we had to make them a quilt and what boy would not love a lizard to snuggle with.  Tanya went and sized the quilt in Julia's Crib (she is not yet sleeping it, but she is getting big quick and in no time she will be).  Any way less then 2 min after putting the quilt in the bed, Tanya tells me I am not done yet today.  She is going to have me make the same pattern (different material) for Julia.  So as I write up this post my wife is cutting up blocks out of the Twirl line of fabrics.  You might remember that we made Tanya a quilt out of this line and can go read about that here. Most likely by tonight (its only 5pm as I write this) I will have yet another top done, but I wanted to make a post now as I wanted to showcase my lizards.

Its hard to see on the 2 above pictures but the 2 white strips on the top picture and the middle section on the bottom picture I was able to Stipple them.  I was so excited about finally being able to do some FMQ.  After I did the little bit I did Friday night I went over to the Free Motion Project site and watched a few video's then came back and did the above.  I am so happy with this new machine.  Tanya even complimented me.  The bottom of the 2 she said even looked nice. Back in January I made some hot pads for the single purpose of having something to try FMQ on and my wife made me stop because she told me it sucked.  So her saying kind words means a lot.

I finally got my back done for my blue and yellow batik and my wife basted it for me.  I think I have a good deal with my wife, I quilt and she bastes.  She does a fantastic job at it.  Any way this is the second back (that I can remember) that I pieced something into the back.  The swirl material was not long enough for the back, so we used the left over fat quarters to make a line across the back to make up the difference in space.

 It is sitting right now on my sewing machine, waiting for me to stop babbling and get back to quilting.  I have to say the walking foot on this machine is just fantastic.  It is so smooth and so quiet compared to my old machine and foot.

Last but not least, I got one of my blocks for my swaps in July.  I guess that is the hint that I should start working on mine this month this one comes from Dawn in KY.


My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

what a cute lizard quilt, and BTW, I tried your link to the pictures and came up with an error message saying "the page cannot be found"......the airport where I live had carpet specially made

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

oops...didn't finish that last thought.....the airport's carpeting has lizards all over it!

Mary said...

I like the lizards. Congrats on your FMQ skills.

BTW, I sent you the Raggedy Ann stuff today. It should arrive late this week.

Christine M said...

Your lizard quilt is lovely. I love the fabrics, so bright!

Anonymous said...

Love the lizard quilt, and congrats on your further adventures in machine quilting! Still trying to figure out what you bought. I'll check a couple of posts I missed to see if you said it before. Glad it's working well, though! Cousins close to the same age, how great!

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