Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quarter 3 Finish Along

Last Quarter I participated in the Quarter 2 Finish Along.  And I was surprised I was able to complete 9 quilts.  I am not one that plans a head well and I like to so this is good practice for me to give it a try.  Tanya and I came up with 31 quilts we are working on and a few that got left of of last quarters.

In no particular order.

1) Blue and Yellow Batik using my color blast pattern.

2) 80's fabric (My wife's name not mine) using color blast pattern.

3) Gray Batik Quilt.

4) Reunion Baby Blanket

5) Ghastly Quilt 1

6) Ghastly Quilt 2

(same as above picture)

7) Lizard Baby Quilt

We bought some Lizards and some color fabric and designed out the quilt above.  EQ7 did not have any lizards so the castle and dragons in pink will be the lizards and the other blocks will all be the color blocks.

8) Purple Heart Rag Quilt Crib size with applique hearts (Tanya project)

9) Patriotic Sampler Quilt (QAL)

10) Bright color Sampler Quilt kids(QAL)

11) Purple & Pink sampler Quilt (Tanya QAL)

12  Roses Quilt twin (MIL)

13 Flowers quilt (Tanya project)

15) Purple Quilt Butterflies

16) Bug Jar Quilt Picture on this post of my wife cutting some out.

17) Reunion Baby Blanket 2

18) Girl Baby blanket out of Twirl (Tanya Project)

19) Scrappy Batik Heart (Tanya Project)

20) Vintage Block find quilt

21) Quilt for friends Twirl with stash stuff

22) Quilt for friends purple

23) 25 Square Rainbow Quilt

24) Child rag quilt lizards

25) Purple Butterfly rag quilt

26) Blue Crib size rag quilt with Appliques Stars

27) Sampler quilt from stash #1

28) Sampler quilt from stash #2

29) Beautiful Swan with Bulls & Flowers

30) Men Quilt Competition

(This one is a secret I am told I can post nothing about it tell the day it goes live)

31) Crib size train, bright color rag quilt

Left over from Last Quarter I failed on these and will work harder this quarter to finish these along with the new list above.

1) Rebecca's Sampler Started January still not finished.

2) Jeans for Jared Started January, Worked on in March still unfinished

3) Blue Hearts started January still not finished

4) John Deer Quilt
I finished one quilt last quarter for my father in law but have one for my brother in law that I need to work on.


Anonymous said...

That's a lot, but I have a feeling you will either finish or make a ginormous dent in the list!

Rhonda the Rambler said...

You have quite the ambitious list. Just an FYI...those projects that haven't been started don't qualify as entries toward the prizes. That being said, doesn't mean they shouldn't be on your list. I can't wait to see how many you get done this quarter.

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