Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby Quilt Weekend

Today's post is by Richard

For the holiday weekend Tanya and I have been cutting and sewing up some baby quilt tops.  I have finished six since the last one I showed you on Saturday.  I will show them in a minute, but first I wanted to announce the winner of the bowl and Fat Quarters from the giveaway that I started August 22, 2012

This is the prize in that giveaway.  On our blog I am not a big Random Number fan mostly because its well non exciting and truly not random enough.  In the past we have had Jared do our drawings.  The last drawing he gave us grief over having to do it so Tanya had the wise idea to allow Julia to help.  She  listed all the entry's into a bow (I might add the bowl was made by Tosha the same sister in law that made these bowl's) any way lets see who Julia Picked.

If you look closely you can see Julia had a lot of fun picking the number.  She actually picked 3 numbers so James my oldest son decided the one with the most slober on it won.

JLVerde said...16
How can you not love lizards? Most of them can lick their own eyes. And they can climb up flat surfaces with their "sticky" feet. And they eat bugs. And there's the whole "breakaway tail" thing some of them have going on. That's super sly right there.

I could go on. . .

Yes any 17 year old boy can be bought with a corn dog, fries, and a shake.  Every one can say thank you to James for sorting out the mess.  Sadly though I did not say when on the 3rd the contest will end.  So I have decided that the contest will end when I go to bed tonight around 10pm Mountain standard time so any of you that have not finished entering you have your chance.  I have a spread sheet with every ones name listed under the category they are entered into and will have one of the kids pick the names before bed (maybe make that 9pm lol) and will email out the 3 winners tonight.

Now for the quilts that I made up today (yes every one shake their heads and ask why I have made 6 new quilt tops today.  I have been slacking and I needed some new baby quilts.

The amazing thing is I have 5 quilts basted and ready to quilt this week while my wife Tanya is at work.  Sorry about the crappy pictures, but I was in a quilt making not picture taking mood today.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

You've made 6 baby quilts, while I've been working on paper piecing today. Slow, tedious work. I'm making 2 of the same block, and, some of the pieces are less than 1/2" square. I'm taking a break before I go back and put most of the parts together.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

WOW - and they tell me I am a machine! Way to go - love that lizard fabric - think I need to look for some.

KaHolly said...

Julie grew so fast!! What a cutie!

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