Sunday, September 30, 2012

Twirl Brick Baby Quilt

Today I get to show off our Twirl Brick Baby Quilt.  This is one of many quilts we created specifically to add to our Etsy Store. Sadly these quilts have been done for a while, but because of events out of our hands its been a few weeks since there creation.  They are not recent finishes, but rather recent items to show off.

Tanya finally sat down today and put all of the quilts we have for sell on the Etsy Store and we now have 20 items for sell.  Tanya and I have agreed that we need to stop our fabric shopping util we get a couple quilts sold.  Good for us is that we still have tons of material to make things with a current planned list of more then 30 quilts (most of which is for the family this Christmas).

Today I was happy to find that we had a sell of one of the rag quilts on the Etsy Store .  This is great as we have a few quilt tops we have finished and a few that we want to do soon, but do not have backs for.  We have been waiting for something to sell to afford some backing materials.

This is the 6th quilt we have made from the Twirl bundle I got for my wife.  She totally loves this line of fabric from Me and My Sisters a Moda line of fabric.  We partially won and partially bought from Fat Quarter Shop  I still think we have a little twirl left maybe we can get another quilt out of this fabric yet.

Here are 4 of the finished quilts made out of Twirl

Still under construction is a baby quilt top Tanya Made shown in this WIP Wednesday post I am using it for practice with my FMQ so its a slow WIP


Mary said...

I love Twirl. I still have a charm pack that I haven't used. Your quilt looks great. Hope they sell soon for you.

Mike Pearson said...

Love it! Simple and elegant!

Lorraine said...

Hi only just read about your Dad passing Richard I am so sorry. I lost my dad when he was just 50 and my mum when she was 60 both hearts attacks and sudden. I miss them every day.
Love the quilts you are doing at the moment, gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

The fabric makes a wonderful bright baby quilt. I like the lizard one, too, though. If you have enough Twirl scraps for the hundred hugs baby quilt patterns on Deanna's blog, that would be perfect. Or you could stretch it out with other bright fabrics that go with, maybe?

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