Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween is on its way!

This week is our week on the Glorious Autumn Block Party and I share the week with Sandi and Faith and many wonderful sponsors.  Please make sure you take the time to visit each of our sites on our perspective days. Did I mention that I am having a giveaway on my day?

Tuesday, Oct. 30
Richard and Tanya Quilts
Wednesday, Oct. 31
Sandi - A Legacy of Stitches
Thursday, Nov. 1
Faith - Fresh Lemon Quilts

Well it must be time for Halloween.  Yesterday Rebecca brought me her vampire pumpkin.  I had to ask her to translate as I did not understand.  The top says Vamp and the things in the middle are Eyes! Like I was suppose to understand it.

Tonight Jared came upstairs wearing this.  Mom (Tanya) has been busy for the first time sewing/modifying  a costume  (she says second, something about gluing a costume together).  This is a first for us modifying instead of buying a costume.  For those that are lost, Jared is going as a creeper for Halloween. Creepers are monsters in a 8 bit graphic game called Minecraft.  Jared is holding a Creeper we won in a give away many months back.

Tanya is not yet finished with the costume, she still needs to sew the 2nd set of legs on, he was just modeling it to see if I could tell what he was.

Julia decided she would get into the Halloween costume thing, can we say Oscar the Grouch? Or dirty laundry.  She is getting to be a busy child, 7 months old today and she thinks she can stand up on her own.  It won't be long until she is walking I think.  She still only commando crawls, but she moves fast now.  Nothing is safe any more, the vacuum is now self propelled.

Isn't she so cute!


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