Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back to the Beginning!

Both Tanya and I started working on the beginner quilt along by quilting gallery and sadly we did not follow along as well as we should have.  Tanya was planning to make one top and I was going to make 2 (you know I have to show off).  Well I failed and Tanya is now working to finish my top and she finally finished finished hers (OK she sewed the top and basted it and I quilted it) It is not washed yet, but it is complete and will go to one of Tanya's Sisters for Christmas.

I sent the kids up to take a picture so I could post this before bed and my son though it was funny to take a picture of Rebecca standing on the chair holding the quilt while she was flipping it around and since she protested about the picture, you know I just had to post it.  Something about bad hair?  14 year old girls, like any boys are out there looking at her hair on a quilting blog.

She did manage to get it turned around and hiding the hair.  We also picked the winner of last months Link A Finish Friday with Prizes.

Tanya threw them all in the bowl (she wrote down all of the LAFF entry's) and Jared took care of drawing out the winner.

It's almost more effort then its worth to get a picture of him holding the winning number, he keeps moving it in and out, lol. He is so cute!

The winner's quilt came complete with a cute quilt tester.

The winner is Shanna from Sparrow in Flight  the Quilts name is Once Upon a Pinwheel.  I will email her and let her know she won.  She won a 15$ gift certificate from our sponsor Fat Quarter Shop

P.S. You still have one day left to enter the drawing to win a charm pack go here to enter.

November Finishes


Mike Pearson said...

I love the purples in the blocks. The whole quilt has a good vibe to it!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I wasn't looking at the hair, I was looking at the feet. Cute quilt. Tanya's gonna get ahead of you if you aren't careful.

Jenniffier said...

Beautiful quilt. I don't normally like samplers but that one is great! Congrats to the winner.

Cathy Tomm said...

Another great quilt. You always learn from those sampler quilts.

Ariane said...

This is a beautiful quilt!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

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