Monday, November 5, 2012

Cat Park & Pictures

 Posted by Tanya.

2 Finished Quilts 
Dot's and Owls and 
Blue and White Rag Quilt

I took the two rag quilts I finished up last week to the park to take some better pictures and to get a few pictures of the younger kids.  The first one is turquoise and white with turquoise rose buds. I did a center layer of flannel on this one, instead of batting.  The second is owls, brown with big dots and ivory minky.  I decided I really don't like doing minky very well in a rag quilt.  It stretches weird. Jared didn't have school today and  I figured after a  few chores we could eat lunch at park and they could play while I got a few pictures of quilts and  them.

 The first little while they seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Julia likes to sit and pull grass and hunt for leaves to crumble.  Jared  liked the playground. 

He also really likes cats, so I took a few pictures of him with the sculptures. This didn't last very long when I got this from Julia.  I guess  this means it is time to go home.  
   We will pick a winner for the charm pack Tuesday and email them.  We will post winner on Wednesday.

November Finishes


Mike Pearson said...

That's the first cat I've seen bigger than mine! I have a 17 lb. tabby cat. He weighed 1 lb. when we found him in the backyard! Btw, I love your rag quilts. I still need to try doing one. My sister in law makes them all the time because she said they are fast and easy.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day. It looks like beautiful weather, whether Julia enjoyed it as long as you'd have liked, or not. LOL

Cathy Tomm said...

A good day for the park. Lovely rag quilts.

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