Monday, November 12, 2012

Birds and Bugs

Today we have another finish from Tanya (yes this is the point that Tanya just laughs at me). Really I have been doing something just have nothing to show for it.

This is a baby rag quilt that Tanya made for the etsy store to replace all of the ones we have sold and given away.  We were out of girl baby rag quilts and had to get some more in.  I have at least one more person in the office at work with a baby on the way and we have a few friends from church.

I love how vivid and bold this quilt is.  I love the red tie dye flannel.

Look see?  I really did manage to do something.  This is a quilt top the final quilt will be for one of the step sisters for Christmas.  I made it out of fabric I got from the guild meeting last month and I hope to have it done to show off in time at our guild meeting this Thursday.  

November Finishes


Mike Pearson said...

I love your top finish! I have a fat quarter bundle I'd like to use to make something like that. Tanya sure is churning out the rag quilts! Looking forward to the tutorial! If she could just squeeze the time in between rag quilts to make the tute :)

Rachel said...

The green and gold looks great.

Lynette said...

LOVE the birdie fabric. :D And great work on the grannies.

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