Monday, November 26, 2012

Stars and Jeans Rag Quilt

Last week one of the kids down the street had a Birthday and Tanya and I decided we wanted to try out a Rag Quilt with Jeans.  What we underestimated was the over all weight of a said Rag Quilt made out of Jeans.  We figured a full quilt out of Jeans would be too heavy and did every other square Jeans.  Well I am here to say that, while its lighter then a full blanket it is WAY, WAY, Too Heavy.  The only saving grace is the kid getting this quilt is Autistic and they tend to like heaver blankets (you often see blankets made with weights in them for autistic kids).

183712_125x125 After Thanksgiving Event - Valid from November 23rd to December 5th

On the alternating material we decided stars would be fun and dug into the stash for random stars.  Here is a closeup of the quilt you can see that I added in as many seams as I could as I love the extra style it adds.

And lastly the back is made of blue flannel.  It also has flannel in the middle.  Again this is a nice and heavy lap quilt and will keep any kid warm.  (Oh and Tanya says it was like wrestling a Alligator to sew haha)

Tanya would also like me to announce the winner to her rag quilt giveaway (well rag quilt scissors giveaway) Jared pulled #19 out of the bowl.  Gene Black is the winner.  He seems to be lucky as he has won from us in the past.

Gene Black said...19
I have a pair of those "not strong enough" scissors....yeah I bought the wrong ones.

My favorite "weird" color combo is purple and green with some yellow accents. - actually if you think of a purple iris, it is not so weird.


Mike Pearson said...

They had solid flannels online at joanns the other day for $1.99 a yard. I stocked up. Free shipping too. I bet that blanket is heavy. What did you use in the middle? Batting, flannel, nothing?

Gene Black said...

The quilt looks great - but then I love blue. Thanks for the giveaway. For some reason, winning is always a surprise. Give Jared a hug for me.

Lynette said...

Hey, a jeans blanket is perfect for an autistic person. :)

Also - I finally got my post-Thanksgiving act together and drew from the basket. Your name came up for the temples pattern. - If you send me your address, I'll get that mailed off to you. :D

Angela FlowersMoore said...

This is beautiful Richard. I am making a jeans quilt now and alternating with flannel and will use flannel for back. Glad you shared your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

What a great quilt, and perfect for the boy down the street. Lots of jeans went into that, too. =)

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