Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lets Have Peace and Love!

Tanya I think is just trying to show off this month.  She has yet another finish and I while am a little slacking.  This is another Rag Quilt.  At least some of it is fabric that Rebecca picked out and Tanya found some other fabric that matched it.

This quilt has a cute cream/tan colored background.

Here is a close up since my first picture sort of sucked.  I think Tanya did a great job on this quilt.  It is destined to head to Etsy.

November Finishes


Mike Pearson said...

Nice! I think I have those fabrics in my stash :) Question: there are so many rag quilt tutorials out there, do you have a favorite? or better yet do you have one of your own? You guys do so many of them, so I thought I would ask the experts :) I ordered some flannel fabric (sale at Joann's) and it's destined to become one :)

Anonymous said...

Good fabric combination! Congratulations on another finish, Tanya. You're going to give Richard a run for his money!

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