Friday, February 1, 2013

Week or so in Recap

This past week has involved about anything but sewing. This post is by Tanya, and is intentionally in a list form, with bad grammar due to sleep deprivation. Richard gave me a hard time about not making any posts lately so here it goes.

Thursday 1/24 - Take James to orthodontist for last visit; oops he forgot retainer, return in 6 weeks.

Friday 1/25 - Julia up all Thursday night and running fever of 103.5.  Take her to doctor to find out she has croup.  Get shot of steroids for her.

Saturday 1/26 - Take care of sick baby.  During her nap cut up a rag quilt that is going to one of Rebecca's church teachers next week.  Wash rag quilt.  Clog up washing machine, from said rag quilt. Unclog washing machine filter.  Find out kids clogged downstairs toilet and turned off water, not so easy of a fix.

Sunday 1/27- Skip church, was up 5 or 6 times or was it more with Julia in night.  Dazed all day, just kinda read a few blog posts and aimlessly watched TV in between taking care of sick baby.  Julia down for nap, friends visit to see what is up with us.

Monday 1/28-  Julia is 10 months old today. Pick baby rag quilt out for a coworker of Richard's. Julia starting to feel better. Shovel sidewalk and driveway. Take Rebecca to orthodontist appointment to have wire removed so she can get cavity fixed. Get phone call from James, he missed bus, can I pick him up. Snow plow came by and I got stuck in driveway.  Shoveled more snow and then picked up James.  Drop him off and then go pick up Jared from school. Then time for work.

Tuesday 1/29-  Shovel Sidewalk. Take Rebecca to dentist to fix cavity, they find two more and fill those as well.  Get my teeth cleaned. Make it to work only 15 minutes late. Richard picked up Jared from school.

Wednesday 1/30- Shovel sidewalk. Take Rebecca back to orthodontist to get wire put back on. Pick Jared up from school. Julia started to cough a little again. Make easy chicken enchilada filling in crock pot. Finish making them and then go to work.

Thursday 1/31-  No new snow! No planned Dr, dentist or orthodontist apt that I have to deal with, yeah. Richard has dentist apt, finds out he has abscessed tooth and needs a root canal.  Julia starts coughing really hard, I call and schedule Dr apt.  She is over croup and onto new virus, not RSV or anything in lungs, most likely bad cold. I order a pizza for dinner, they messed it up.  Run to store to buy saline drops and Gatorade for Julia and stuff for my scouts science experiments on Friday, forgot to pick up my Diet Coke. Richard asks why I am in a bad mood? Scarf down pizza and head to work. Buy a Diet Coke from vending machine.

 Friday 2/1-  I'm hoping the extent of it is no sleep for me. Take Jared's cat to school with him for show and tell and pick up a patterns from occupational therapist for weighted lap pads, weighted lap quilts and weighted shoulder snakes. We still have 36 of our 40 volunteer hours to do. Webelos science experiments planned in my scouts, good thing nothing dangerous.

Saturday 2/2- SLEEP IN, wait, Richard scheduled Jared swimming lessons at 9 am.  Attend baby shower for neighbor down street expecting twins, one boy and one girl.  Hope Julia is well enough to leave with kids for long enough to go out dinner with Richard.

Total baby quilts for gift in 1 1/2 weeks = 4

Here are some pictures of new rag quilt I made. I hope it is gender neutral enough.

I hope next week is slower!


Samantha said...

You poor thing! I hope you can get some rest! Your post reminds me of when ours were little. One time they all have the stomach flu and the hubby did too! I was glad they were all well when I finally came down with it. THAT was a week almost as bad as yours. I didn't have to run here and there carting kids around like you did and I didn't have to work.

Get some sleep lady!

Samantha said...

Oh.. and that quilt is perfect! Very gender neutral and perfect!

todd ikey said...

Busy bee... lock in some R&R! Nice job on the rag quilt... definitely gender neutral!

Elizabeth said...

Whether you work outside the home, or not, the mom is always the full-time care-giver. I'm so sorry your week has been so hectic and crossing my fingers that you don't get sick! Hope your weekend is quiet!

Love your rag quilt! The colors are so pretty!

xo -E

Nikita said...

You need some R&R... hope you get it this coming week. Lovely rag quilt!

Lynette said...

Oh my goodness!! I sure hope you're able to sleep well tonight, and that poor Julia feels better very soon.

The rag quilt is perfect for any baby. :)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sorry you had such a rough week. I well remember when my oldest had colic for 4.5 months. Hope next week goes MUCH smoother.

Nancy at maddalee™ said...

Lovely quilt! I hope this week goes better for you :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, Tanya! I hope every week in your life isn't like that! I don't remember EVER having that kind of energy expenditure.

Sarah Craig said...

Very pretty rag quilt, and yes, I think it's gender neutral enough! Whoop whoop!!

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