Saturday, May 4, 2013

Green Owl Patchwork Quilt

Back on April 18, I posted our Brown Owl Patchwork Quilt  both of these quilt were supposed to be one quilt or so the Boss (Tanya) told me. When I was cutting the material up and counting the squares I realized that if I put a cute border on the quilt I could make 2 quilts instead of the one quilt Tanya suggested.

As you can see this quilt like its brown cousin, has a random pile of blocks in the middle.  Tanya tries to tell me that when I put too many blocks of the same color together, I am not so random.  But then again you can flip a coin and get the same side over and over so I am good with all the matching blocks in my quilt. 

Because of my change of plan mid cutting, these 2 quilts took longer to finish then originally planned.  They are both quite similar.  They both have a solid 1 inch band around the middle blocks. The green one has the light blue jacks, the brown one has brown jacks on the outside edge. The bindings on both are stripes, a green for the green and a brown for the brown.

We even put matching backs on the 2 quilts.  Well the green of the same pattern and brown of the same pattern.  Other things going on in the background I have one of the random strip quilts on the sewing machine.  I think it looks cute, but it is getting twisted puckers.  I really need to work on figuring out how when quilting to not cause my own puckers.  You can see for example the pink and yellow in the picture looks twisted.  Oh well, maybe it wont look so bad when washed.

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Carla said...

Nice to pop by and see what you are up to. Your 2 quilts look great ; )

Laura said...

Just an idea, can you loosen up the tension in your foot (how hard it smashes down on the quilt)? I used to get puckers before I learned how to loosen up my foot. On my machine it is a dial with zero, one, two , and three on it. You may need to google it for your machine.
Good luck!

Patricia said...

I agree with Laura. Loosen the foot pressure. The gauge is that little window on the left side of your machine with the red line in it. The other thing that would help is to sew the lines in the same direction not alternating which side you start from. I assume you are using a walking foot.

Anonymous said...

Another tip is to sew from alternating sides, not always going in the same direction as you stitch across. I know this is a contradiction from what Patricia said. When you always sew from the same side, it tends to cause your fabric to curve. Sewing from opposite sides, alternating, causes that curving to straighten out. That's not my knowledge, it's from several national teachers I consulted about this when all the strip quilts became popular, as well as from my own longarm experience. The green owls are cute!

Elizabeth said...

I love that cute little green owl quilt! The fabrics are adorable and I love your borders. I especially love the striped binding.

As for puckers when you quilt, the comment above about quilting in opposite directions is a good one, but you also need to make sure you've pulled all your layers taut when you basted it. When you quilt, hold your hands with your fingers together and thumbs extended straight out to make an "L" shape on the left and a reverse "L" shape on the right. Use that to put a little tension on the fabric and to pull it flat in the machine. Hopefully that helps!

Congrats on the the Green Owl Quilt finish! Super cute! And thanks for linking up!

xo -E

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