Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Puppy Dog Rag Quilt

This brown and gray with Puppy's Rag Quilt is our newest boy baby quilt.  We found this fantastic material last weekend when out shopping and knew exactly what we wanted to do with it.

On this quilt Tanya alternated brown, gray, and Puppies.  Our Daughter Rebecca has started helping mom out on her quilting efforts and spent the holiday weekend over Thanksgiving cutting material up for her mom.

As you can tell from many of our quilts we love the Tie Dye gray and it is often used in our quilts.  This quilt it is in 1/3 of the front and the full back.

183712_234x60 After Thanksgiving Event - Valid from November 23rd to December 5th


Gene Black said...

it looks good. I am curious...do you rag the outer edges? This one doesn't like like you did.

Mike Pearson said...

That looks nice. It would make a great couch throw for my puppy :-)

barbara woods said...

i like that . great quilt for a boy

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