Saturday, January 10, 2015

Almost forgot to share this!

To start off with I want to apologize for the crappy quality of these pictures they were taken with my cell phone.  Why are my finishes taken when my cell phone?  Great question.  Its because I almost forgot to take the pictures.

Each year my family picks some families and we do the 12 days of Christmas for them.  My wife had a very giving father and when he passed away this year, he gave some inheritance to his kids.  To celebrate that, we upped our giving game with Secret Santa.

When we started we were giving 1 family the 12 days.  Then we increased to 2 families and finally to 3 families We called it a limit, as it takes a lot of work to get the gifts and deliver them each year.  This year we wanted to give more and picked 6 families.

Each day we gave gifts some were small and simple and some were more complex.  As the 12th day we hand deliver (we try to deliver the first 11 on the sly) and we gave each family some hot pads along with some other goodies.  Yes that is why we have 5 sets of hot pads listed on this page.

Wait a sec I said we had 6 families?  Oh ya the first family we delivered our gifts jumped in the car and then realize we totally forgot to take any pictures (they were orange by the way). As we delivered our presents we took pictures (on the seat of the van) as the pictures go on they get darker i ran out of light.

Any way this is what my family does for fun for Christmas we give to others.  I am always in need of great gift ideas or traditions to add to our Christmas traditions.  If you have suggestions please leave them here.

Tanya put together many of the tops for these hot pads and I (Richard) quilted and bound them.  I hate binding hot pads, because of the little tails sticking out and I think after 6 sets of hot pads I got pretty good at it.

Like all things we do though, we did not stop at 6 hot pads we made them for family also.  I will share those another day as I actually took good pictures of most of them.

Any way I hope that you enjoy viewing all these hot pads.


stitch quilt knit said...

Oh these are nice!! I like how you do the loopy bit. These are on my 'to do' list for this xmas :)

sewyouquilt2 said...

very nice hotpads. and nice that you do the 12 days for others. I started doing 12 days for an aunt who never had children. she lives in another state and for day one she got canned pears,(partridge in a pear tree), day two turtle and dove candy bars, day 3 chicken soup (french hens) etc. it was fun thinking of the words to the song and she had many calls from her friends all during the month of Dec wanting to know what she got for that day. fun fun for her and for me.

Gene Black said...

I hate binding the I make them a different way that doesn't require binding.

Anonymous said...

I sent a couple of ideas in e-mail for you. These are great looking hot pads - they look well done to me!

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