Thursday, January 15, 2015

What's On the Quilting Table #5

Last time on WOQT, we finished the center of our 3rd Reunion quilt top.  Today starts with sewing that quilt top together.  This quilt is one of our Simple Squares Quilts.  They are one of our go to baby quilts that we enjoy making.

I was also sewing together this Baby Bricks quilt and well I needed to show of the completed top.

Here is the finished quilt top for our 3rd Reunion quilt.

I took a break from quilting the other day and went to play video games and when I came into the other room my wife was hanging up this quilt that she made.  We made another Dr Suess Quilt and well it was too busy.  She toned it down.  Again like all other quilts I cut out enough material for a couple quilts, but after the first I could not make the 2nd it was too busy.  Check out the post on that quilt too see why. Tanya finally used her new machine, or Richards' new machine as he refers to it. 

To end today's post, I finally got to do some quilting on the new machine.  This thing runs fast.  Oh and I even sewed my finger in the process.  I did not take a picture of that (it hurt too much and blood well, is not good in a quilting blog) but it did no major harm.  It was a through and through sew of my left hand pointer finger just a little right of my finger nail.  It did manage to snap the needle though so I guess it was hard enough to make it mad haha.


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