Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What's on the Quilting Table #10

Today starts out with me still cutting the blocks?  Did I not end there yesterday?  Oh well had some more to cut.

While Tanya was waiting to tell me what I was going to do with the blocks I sat down and put the binding on I think 6 hot pads that was sitting in the too do box for way too long (maybe 6 months?)

Oh now I know what I am doing it seems that I am going to make 2 really simple quilt tops just made out of just 6 inch squares.  I told Tanya that it was too simple and boring I like to cut things into smaller pieces before I sew them back together but as a good husband I did what I was told.

Any way 2 quilt tops is what I had 

when this day was finally over.


Gene Black said...

Ha could chop those tops and sew them back together to create a new design.

Anonymous said...

Now THOSE are some modern fabrics. Gene is funny, but ... could work!

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