Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What's on the Quilting Table #9

Today on the Quilting table we have one of my reunion quilts being bound.  While I guess I have to trim it first.

When I first started quilting I totaly dreaded binding.  After the hundreds of quilts I have done its secound nature it now takes me more time to cut and iron the binding then it does to sew it on.

This 2nd quilt on the table today was pieced by Tanya.  I am not sure what pattern she used for this quilt but it was a great way to use up many scraps we had in the bin.

After timing up this quilt I also bound it.

Tanya handed me a stack of fat quarters and told me to cut them into 6 inch square so I did no questions asked.  What do you think she plans to do with them?  She never tells me so who knows.  In our house I cut and she bastes.  Thats our rule and it works well for us.

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