Thursday, January 22, 2015

What's on the Quilting Table #7

While today's WOQT come's at a cost.  The cost is my keyboard.  When I sat down to type this out I realized the keys on my key board were a little wet.  I picked it up and about a cup flooded out of it.

Any way I had to steal my wife's keyboard off her computer to make this post (oh and re-boot my computer 3 times) so It is going to be just 3 pictures.  You are just going to have to guess what it is.

One hint baby quilt, new design pattern will be created and shared when done.  Oh and this is a Tanya design not a Richard design which might be why I was cursing trying to make the block she has in this pattern but boy oh boy its looking cute.  Oh ya and this is the boy quilt I am making.  There is a girl version also.

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