Sunday, October 21, 2012

Block Party and your invited!

Glorious Autumn Block Party and Super Deals for Quilters

I am not sure if you have been following along or not (If you have not you should!) Quilting Gallery has and is hosting a block party 3 days a week starting September 4th 2012 and ending December 13th 2012.  The best of all the dates will be a week from Tuesday October 30th.  And why might you ask?  Well that is my day.  Yes Richard and Tanya quilts is participating in this blog hop.  This is my first blog hop and I hope to be involved in  many more.  I hope you will all be back a week from Tuesday to join me.

I feel like a slacker as its been a few weeks since I had a more interesting post.  One thing I realized is some where along the way I ended up showing the finishes, but not the beginnings or the process along the way.  Last week we sold yet another Rag Quilt from our Etsy store.  I have as of yet only sold 4 of my quilts on Etsy, but all that I have sold were my Rag Quilts.  Tanya recently has made 2 complete rag quilts from beginning to end, so with the money we got from the last couple sells we bought a bunch of new flannel.  Above you can see 6 inch by width of fabric that I cut for my wife Tanya.  She is is slower at cutting when its full yardage, so the other night I sat down and watched 2 TV shows and cut these all into strips.  Just before I came up to make this post, Tanya has completed yet another top (she still needs to cut it) and if she remembers we should have it on the site some time later this week. 

A week and half back I went to a SLMQG Mixer for  Sewing Summit and I actually won one of the drawings it was a Jelly Roll And if I can remember I will try to get a picture (or maybe show you what I am going to make out of it).  At the same even in the Door Prizes I got a pile of cute fabric and charm pact and mini charm.  Which of course I have not taken pictures of.  While thinking about all this not taking picture, I again came into yet another trove of material.  At our meeting last week one of the members had some material that they were not going to use and wanted to give it too any one that was willing to use it.  And you know me.   This is just a small amount of what they gave out, but when I saw it (and another quilt that some one showed off at the guild meeting) I knew what I was going to make.

Many months back you might remember that I went though a craze of Granny Squares.  Well it has happened again.  I am making them with this fabric.  I am doing them a little different this time.  I am doing a strip version of them rather then cutting all the material up to 2 1/2 squares first and sewing them back.  I hope I can make a large lap quilt out of this, since all of the material is scraps and I have no clue how much I go, it will be interesting to see how far it goes.  I have about 2 yards of a single print that I will use on the back and these on the front.

Any way I have bounced though 5 different projects in the last week with out completing one, so today is just a random musings day I guess.  Again don't forget to come back a week from Tuesday.  (Did I remember to point out I will have a giveaway that day too?) Any way hope your week is wonderful.


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