Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vacation and other fun things

My family the last few days took a long over due vacation.  We went up to Bear Lake, in northern Utah.  We of course did what we do best and that is work on a quilt.  Above is one of many tops we plan to make out of our ghastlie reunion material stash.  This one will most likely be Tanya's Sisters quilt we give for Christmas.  While we were on vacation I made 6 bands like the one on the bottom row.  We also framed about 30 of the picture frames (Tanya cut them kinda wonky on purpose, to make them look more interesting.)

While there Julia was as always helpful.  She is getting quite fast at moving.  Its so wild to think she is only 6 months old, but in just a few minutes can get from one side of a room to the other side and grab the only single item in the room she should not touch (for example she really loves my pedal for the sewing machine or the basket full of rulers and fabric).

Of course one of the best thing of going up in the mountains was the great views while driving.  The red's, green's, yellow's, and orange's.

Last week before vacation, I also finished up 2 blocks for my 12 1/2 inch swaps and canceled them.  I have been doing 2 swaps and one of them has been giving me great grief about how slow I have been on doing the swaps (which I was slow on some), but at the same time only about 1/2 of the time I got the block I was supposed to get from my block swap partner.  Anyways has any one other then me had issues with block swap partners?
For any one that thinks I have forgotten, tonight Tanya And I will pick the winner of Link a Finish Friday.  The winner will get to pick 1 yard of fabric from Fat Quarter Shops website.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Good for you in getting away - great photos. I had a bad experience with a paper piecing group - got one block for about every 4 sent out, so I dropped. The Aussie group was terrific, but I had so much going on that I withdrew from that group - all those blocks were donated to Sarah's group. The mini, season, and dollquilt groups have been just awesome.

Teresa Quilts said...

Richard and Tanya, I know you been through so much in the past few weeks/months, but I want you to know that I've missed reading your blogs. I pray that everything gets back into regularity soon. Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

What a great vacation spot! Love the colors, and the quilts. Glad you got a few days off.

CathyC said...

I agree Richard, it is very frustrating having problems with some swappers in swap groups - the biggest frustration for me is no communication, I can forgive a late block as long as I know it is going to be late ;-) but not getting a block at all is just so very disappointing :(

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