Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Everyone’s Favorite Platypus

The rag quilt I had finished sewing on Monday, has been cut up and washed. It features Perry the Platypus from the cartoon Phineas and Ferb. This is a favorite cartoon at my house, both my sons have matching Perry t-shirts. It is one of the cartoons that I can watch with Jared and not go crazy. This makes one more Christmas gift done. This quilt is for my five year old nephew and I think I have some jealous kids because it isn’t for them. I think I am going to be buying some more of this fabric to make more quilts for my own kids.

 Richard didn't get much sewing done yesterday, due to a cranky teething baby Julia. She seemed to be feeling better today, although no obvious teeth yet. I have started to realize that we have a lot of UFO’s to finish for gifts for Christmas and try to get Richard headed back in that direction. The two quilts I need his help on are for gifts for a sister and a sister in law. I bought the fabric for my Moms quilt, although we may have to alter the block she chose, it contains some pretty weird angles that neither of us is comfortable with yet.

On another note this is what happens when we leave the sewing room door open. This is Rat Cat. He got his name when his not so bright mother put him in three year old Jared’s bed right after he was born. Jared woke up yelling there is a rat in my bed.

what can we say we have a Smoke Free and Pet Free home.

 Posted by Tanya


Cherie said...

Such awesome fabric where did you buy it?
Hahaha such a funny story on the cat! =D

James said...

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Anonymous said...

Any child would love that quilt!

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...


Denice said...

Such cute fabric. My little boys would love that too. Nice finish!

Amy @Pounds4Pennies said...

Everyone at my house love Perry! Thanks so much for sharing this post at our Pin It party @Pounds4Pennies last week.

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