Sunday, March 17, 2013

For the love of GREEN!

I know I should not start this post saying that I am not into St Patrick's Day, but I don't really enjoy the day.  When I was a kid I was that poor kid that always forgot green at school and every one took turns pinching me.  Well this year my son Jared is now at that cute age of 8 where kids will be kids. I wonder how he will do?

If you have followed along much at our blog, you will know that Jared is a HUGE fan of GREEN!  In the picture above you can see his Creeper costume that he wore for Halloween last year.  

From the images I could find on my blog showing things we have done green in the past you can see that we do like a couple things green.  We have the John Deere quilts we made as gifts last year to green solo coups (I know I got the color wrong for the song) to this pile below which is for Jared's green helix quilt which other then picking the blocks we have not yet really started it.

But for the best green thing we have ever done it would be the first quilt I made for Jared.  It is called the Green Quilt of Awesomeness.  Follow that link to read more about it or just look at the happy picture below of Jared in it.  Hope you have a Happy Green Day today.

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