Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We need more Stars

I have been working recently on some stars.  These first 2 pictures are pieces of 2 12 inch blocks that I am making for a quilting group.  I have always wanted to make some wonky star blocks.  These blocks are a Star with in a Star with in a Star.  These are the 2 smaller stars for each of the 2 blocks.

I can't wait to finish these 2 blocks.  They need to be done by Thursday night for my guild meeting.  These are not what I really want to make.  Below is a block that I created myself I call it "Richard's Star" ya sounds a little conceded when you repeat it too many times aloud.  You can read about it on this post.  This is well the first thing I created when I bought EQ7.  I love stars and I love checkerboards.   

This block is actually the version 2 of the block I created the original is a little more complicated I will put a picture of it below.  So why did I make this block?  That is a good question, a bunch of months back I got a email about HMQS that will be going on this may here in SLC, UT.  When I looked though the catalog the first thing I noticed is that thew were having a SewBatik contest and I signed up.  Last May, I held a giveaway on my B-Day to giveaway some SewBatik fabric because I loved it.  Now I am entering a contest creating something out of their fabric I just could not resist.  Now the question is what is the quilt going to look like?  You will have to wait and see.


Tammy said...

Your stars are very pretty. I love patriotic colored quilty projects.

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