Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Review

Posted by Tanya.  This weekend the only sewing I did was a few baby Taggies, one heart shaped and one that is supposed to look like a strawberry. The heart is MIA, Julia took off with it.

 I also worked on some weighted lap pads for Jared's school.  I have made about eight lap pads and one weighted blanket in the last few weeks.  I never realized how messy it was to work with poly pellets.  I have made a huge mess of the floor with escaped pellets.  The worst was that one got down into my machine and into the bobbin case. I have broke more needles with this project than any thing else I have ever done. I ordered 75 lbs of the pellets.  I have used close to 50 pounds.  I learned to put polyfil in the end of rows and only leave small holes in the pads and use a funnel to pour them in.   Here is a picture of three of them.  I forgot to take a picture before I took them to the school.

Have you ever had a project that you have broke or bent multiple needles on?

On Facebook we had a drawing for the Dr. Seuss pillowcase.  The winner is Sandy Barse.
The winner of February's Link A Finish Friday is Toye Mason.  She has been emailed.


Karen said...

I love your strawberry taggie, it's so cute! I make lots of these but tend to stick to squares, maybe I should be more adventurous!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I used poly pellets for some pin cushion thread catchers. I put the pellets in a ziplock bag, then put them in the pin cushions. No spilt pellets. I also poured them in the ziplock, over a cookie sheet with sides, just in case some got loose. Cute taggie. They are fun to make.

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