Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wood, not my Favorite Medium

Tonight Jared has Pinewood Derby for Cub Scouts.  Richard and I are both good at using fabric, I can do amazing things with frosting, but wood working is not our thing.  Jared  wanted his car to look like a Creeper from Mindcraft.  Richard and I joked that we could just have Jared paint the block of wood and insert wheels.  Jared didn't like the idea. His car ended up being a wedge shape that was painted green and square weights that kinda look like the creeper face.   I really hope he doesn't take dead last in the race. 

They have a fundraiser dinner before the race starts with really good food.  As a Webelos leader I get do help out selling tickets and handling money.  Last year we missed out and didn't attend, because I was in labor with Julia.

Julia on slide with her heart taggie.
This is going to be a busy next week. Cub Scout Fundraiser today, nothing Wednesday except assemble cake and birthday gifts.  Autism Gala Performance and  Fundraiser on Thursday and Julia's 1st birthday, James has a 3-D Competition at State level on Friday. The usual Saturday fun, swimming lessons, run errands and add in Easter egg hunt and a mother daughter church dinner with Rebecca. James starts his first job on Sunday at Lagoon  Amusement Park, he is on call Saturday, so maybe then as well. It is about a 15 minute drive from out house to get him to work or over 1 hour riding train and biking.  The train doesn't run on Sunday, so one of us will be playing chauffeur. Lots of busy fun at our house and hopefully a little time for sewing.

 The kids are out of school next week for Spring Break. I'm jealous, I wish I could have a week off from work.

I also received this Book and Little Twister ruler from  Stacey at StasaLynn in her first giveaway.


StasaLynn said...

Yay! So glad you got it Tanya.... I cannot wait to see what you make!

Teresa Quilts said...

I can't believe that baby is outside with no shoes and socks! LOL She is growing up so fast! Hope Jared's car does/did great! My grandson's didn't go down the track very far. Good luck, Jared!

quiltmom anna said...

Our son was in scouting and had to build a cub car. We still have the little wooden car upstairs. His did very well- a friend gave him a little metal weight that helped with the counterbalance ( I think) anyway- he placed second. It was an exciting day for him. Our son later went to the European Jamboree in England. Lots of fundraising but he had a great time there.
Happy quilting,

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Years ago (back when my boys were little) they each chose to race a plain block of wood, instead of shaping and painting their cars. Each time, they won a prize for their 'block of wood' cars. It gave them a 'year off' from designing a car. One boys block car is still upstairs, on a shelf.

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