Sunday, March 31, 2013

Toys for Tots

Today we would like to share some toys for tots that Tanya has made.  Two of them will be given as donations to a cause that contacted us looking for baby toys.  The other 2 will be added to our Etsy Store.  Tanya a few months back bought some crinkly material to sew into the baby toys.  The 2 we are giving away do not have it, because we were not sure what they wanted.

Tanya made 3 Basket Balls and added tags to them they are such cute toys.  These pictures are of both the back and front of each taggie.  If I got the pictures right the should be side by side on front and back.

After making 3 Basketballs she had to give a Ice Cream Cone a try.  I think that they turned out pretty cute what do you guys think?  Have you made taggies before and if so what do you like to make?

At the same time we got the crinkly material Tanya also bought us some Insul Bright and she had to turn one of my completed Orange Blocks (left over from my Orange and Yellow Quilt that is now for sell on our Etsy Store) into a hot pad.  She plans to turn more of my lost blocks into hot pads.  I should explain the lost blocks I have a box full of all the left over blocks on all the quilts I made.  Original I was planning to make a quilt out of it.  Now I guess Tanya plans to make Hot Pads out of them.


Cheryl said...

Your taggies are very cute. I have seen some that are dinosaurs where the tags form the spikes in their backs.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo cute!

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