Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Quilt From the Past

I don't know how much I ever talked about this quilt top, I finished it like a year or so ago.  It it twin sized, one of the biggest I have ever made.  I made a twin for Rebecca and finished it.  This one has sat in a pile for a long time being neglected.  Not for lack of love, but you would think so.  It took 6 months after I made the top to make a back for it.  After all, I did not know how to make a back that big (yea I know, only a twin, but that is huge to me)  Then it sat again, because Tanya did not want to baste it.  Well I am glad to say Tanya has about given up on me quilting anything, because I have been  obsessed with granny squares and other 2 1/2 inch blocks (after all she has like 8 quilts basted ready for me to quilt). She sat down this last weekend and she basted the above quilt.  So I must change focus and quilt it.  Now how the heck should I quilt this one? Hum it better not be another 6 months figuring that out.  Any way it is on the table and next up to go in the machine.

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I am off the sells soap box and yes still making various blocks while trying to avoid quilting all those quilts Tanya wants done.

Wait, I guess these 2 Tanya made, so its not just me making quilt blocks? What she plans for these I am not sure, but I am sure she is up to something.

Oh ya, some purple blocks I did.

Hum, I thought I was done cutting flannel.  Yes I found a few more bolts that were missed that first time!

 Last, if not least I have a pile of these?  Hum what the heck am I chopping piles of scraps for?  Oh ya, I did make a couple more granny squares while Tanya was looking the other way.


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I'm with you - a twin sized quilt is my XL version! I love making lap and kid size quilts the best. Good luck with all of your projects!

Anonymous said...

I hate measuring and cutting big pieces, and "big" to me is anything longer than either my mat or my ruler!

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