Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tanya's new quilt top and other distraction

Today while trying  to take pictures of a quilt top, my son Jared though it would be neat to have a baby in the shot since its a baby quilt. To make him happy, we got Julia with that deer caught in a headlight look on her face. This quilt top Tanya has name the pattern Windows Quilt, because it looks like they are looking though windows.  We have this pattern for sell on Etsy for  0.95 cents.  If you would like a free copy of this pattern (to celebrate another quilt top being done) you can go to Craftsy put a nice comment on either the pattern or one of the projects attached to the pattern and come back here and tell me you did so and I will email you a free copy of the pattern (Oh that is true always for any of my patterns if you leave a comment its yours free)

Here is a full shot of the quilt.  It has a cute Owl pattern on it.  I bet this will be one that sells fast once we get it on the Etsy Store.  As of now, its just in the pile to baste.  Tanya and I spent most of the day yesterday going though the piles of mess in the sewing room and guess what?  Yes we found even more flannel that we did not realize we had?  Hum, I think Tanya's stash is going to go on for about 25 quilts (my old guess was 20).

These strings were made by Rebecca out of my left over scraps.  Speaking of the cleaning yesterday, it turns out I have a huge storage box now full of stuff for strings.  I sorted out the pile of leftover junk from quilts of the past into 3 piles.  Pieces of fabric big enough to go into a box for future quilts, big enough for 2 1/2 inch blocks, and  strings for the string quilt project that we have tasked Rebecca with doing. (She tends to mess the house up less when working, then just playing) so this may be another thing for at least the rest of summer we will have many to show off.  As for me I am still on the Granny tangent.

They are not completed yet, but these are block rows that just need to be ironed and then sewn back together. After the 4+ hours of cleaning/sorting I spent the rest of the day doing these and watching movies with Tanya.  Hum which project should I work on next?  Tanya thinks that huge pile of quilts that are basted should be done, but what fun would that be.  I think we need a couple more tops to make her feel like she needs to buy another couple boxes of pins.  I bet we have 10 boxes of safety pins right now basted into quilts.  Where will we put them all, once I finally quilt a few.


Sew Surprising said...

Love the Window quilt, strings are my favourite, and a great way to use up scraps no matter the size. You both have certainly been productive :)

evaj said...

Quilt with scraps,,I love it!!Hugs Bambi

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