Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Little cut corners and other things.

Over the last few weeks Tanya has had me working on all kinds of odd's and ends preparing for quilts and patterns that we plan to make over the next few months.  Above is scraps cut off of some of those blocks any one care for a guess?

Maybe these strips will give you some clue as to what I have been up too?  Hum, maybe that is not a big enough hint?  Maybe not how about this?

Hum that is looking some what familiar, but what the heck is it.?

Yes, we are making Granny Squares again. (Granny Squared, Granny Gone Wild)  As you can see from the stack above were just starting and not nearly done with them.  I have them in different  stages from ready to just stacks of blocks.

We have a variety of colors also not just sticking to one color.  You ask what in the world are we making?  Yes you guessed it, baby sized quilts.  We have more then 30+ blocks in various stages.  No they are not all for 1 quilt.  The plan is to make quilts with 1 of each color in either 3 rows by 3 rows or 3 rows by 4 row sizes.

But can I do any thing simple?  Heck no to add to the mess going on we are also making 25 block squares of the various colors. (Mom's Quilt, Orange and Gray Baby)  Above are some pink and below some purple.  These are just the first of yet another pile of 30+ blocks.  Again the plan is to make baby quilts of either 3 rows by 3 rows or 3 rows by 4 rows.  We will make some quilts with just 2-3 colors and others with 1 bock of each color.

Just so you realize we do other things then 2 1/2 inc blocks (oh that is the size of all the above little blocks) Tanya had me cut up all of the flannel that we have stored up, so we can make all the rag quilts and get rid of the flannel.  We have decided we much prefer the pieced quilts over the rag quilts, but we need to use up the fabric.

This picture shows about 1/8th the pile I have cut.  We have enough for 10-20 rag quilts and will be spitting them out over the months to come.  To end on a fun note this is what we did on the night of the 4th, a simple little fireworks show in the front yard.


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Wow, that will sure keep you busy!
And all those little scraps from trimming ....I now save them and stuff teddy bears with them to give to children's charities. I always hated throwing those bits away!

Amanda @ BedTime Quilting said...

I bet it'll feel good to"dejunk" your fabric bins, like the flannel. Others will be blessed for having it used up than just sitting there, getting all outdated. :) Great plan!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have plenty to keep you busy for quite a while!

Tammy said...

Boy yall have been very busy.

crafter1953 said...

Hi, looks like it is going to be a busy summer. Have a good day and "Keep on Sewing".

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