Monday, April 23, 2012

Bye Bye Traveling Stash

Last night I did the drawing for the traveling stash.  We were out of town the last 4 days and when we got home late last night my normal name puller Jared had fallen asleep.

So Julia filled in for Jared (with the help of mom) she was more interested in eating the binky then the name she picked.

Ella from is the next to receive the traveling stash.  It will be leaving Salt Lake City, Utah on its trip across the entire county to Atlanta, Georgia (I lived in Georgia once, a pretty state)  My wife says she will try to get every thing stuffed into the box and get it shipped off in the next couple days.

The pile on the left is what I am taking the pile on the right is what I am adding.  If you follow my blog for long you will know that my wife Tanya is conservative she picked the 3 light blue and pink prints on the top left corner of the pile.  I of course grabbed all of the bright flashy stuff (the 2 DNA color prints) and the blue wavy line thing and the pink dots below it.  My daughter Rebecca had to have the pink flower thing.  I also took the bright blue scrap (their was 3 in the box and I took the smallest scrap) and then the bottom right that little pile is a stack of like 6-7 2 1/2 half inch strips I took off some of the remenent pieces of material so that I can add them to my 2 1/2 inch color stashes to make more of the granny squares.

The pile On the right is my Re-Stash.  A yard of my wife's dragonfly's  some floral conservative materials to make up for my wife's take.  Then as some may know, I have a thing for the bright orange.  So i added yardages equal to about half yard each of 4 orange/red  materials from my orange stash.  Then a vanishing 16 block to inspire them to use them.  Also for good measure 2 of my left over granny squares.  Depending on how well we can pack I might have to take a little bit more as that box was quite tight on arrival and my re-stash is bigger then my take at the moment.  Will just have to play around with the packing.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you put back in way more than you took out, Richard!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Congrats to the lucky winner!! Thanks for sending the Traveling Stash on its way.

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